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To ensure everyone enjoys their visit and to safeguard the safety and care of our fish please read and adhere to the following rules of the water. 


Rigs, hooks and bait may be inspected at any time and failure to adhere to the below rules may result in anglers being asked to leave the site and banned for a period of time or life by the owner or Bailiff on duty at the time. No refunds will be offered or given where the lake rules have not been adhered to. 

  • All Anglers must have a valid Rod License. 

  • Barbless hooks only maximum size 6.

  • NO ARTIFICIAL or Plastic Baits to be used.

  • NO fixed rigs

  • NO braided mainlines.

  • NO Chod rigs.

  • NO Braided or Lead core Leaders.

  • Running Rigs or inline rigs only to be used.

  • Safety rigs must be tested with the line able to run free.

  • Rig Tubing must be used.

  • Minimum 12lb line.

  • A maximum 1Kg bait restriction per day.

  • NO Spodding.

  • Landing nets to be 32” minimum (as Carp of double figures frequently caught)

  • Landing nets and cradles must be used, 1 per Angler (NO sharing)

  • Landing nets and cradles must be dipped at the start of the session.

  • Maximum 2 rods to be used per angler.

  • CARP CRADLES ARE REQUIRED. Please ask to hire one if you do not have one

  • Do NOT move from allocated pegs, no stalking of fish.

  • Fish must be tired out before bringing to landing net, NOT dragged out.

  • Fish must be handled with the greatest care and returned to the water as quickly as possible.

  • ALL fish must be returned to the water, anyone not returning their catch will be prosecuted.

  • Carp care kit or spray to be used when needed.

  • NO Bait boats to be used on this water.

  • NO FLY FISHING on this water.


  • NO Dog biscuits

  • NO Bread allowed

  • NO floating free offerings

  • NO Magic Twig type devices (until further assessment)

  • Pop up and Zigs are permitted

  • Please respect all other Anglers and your surroundings.

  • DO NOT discard any used line Bait or rigs.

  • NO BAIT to be emptied into lake at the end of your session, take it home to be disposed of.

  • NO BBQ’s on grass, please use the concrete pegs only.

  • ALL Litter AND Cigarette Butts to be taken away with you.

  • Music and noise to be kept at low volume, any Anti-social Behaviour will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave and receive a ban.

  • Please DO NOT Touch or attempt to feed the Reindeer or other wildlife.

  • ALL persons entering the property do so at their own risk, the owner will NOT accept responsibility for loss, damage or injury to persons, property or vehicles however caused whilst on the property.

  • You agree to us holding 24hr HD CCTV footage during your visit.

  • DOGS are permitted by prior arrangement only. Please do not bring your dog unless you have express permission to do so for each booking. Dogs must be kept on leads at all times.

  • Vehicles must remain in the designated car parking areas at all times. NO vehicles are permitted to access, unload or park by the lake or the pegs. 

  • Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  • A 50% non-refundable deposit is payable upon booking for any Friday or Saturday overnight sessions. 

We hope you have a great day's fishing at Tranquility, if you have any questions please contact the Bailiff if on site or visit our Facebook page (tranquilityleeswood).  Thank you

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